A Brief Honda Sh125 Review

It is no secret that the Honda sh125 has been doing remarkably in the entire European continent. The 2009 hybrid version, in particular, has been receiving lots of love in the United Kingdom. The 125cc motorbike is for riders who highly prioritize economy and functionality over raw power and superior transmission. When it comes to smooth riding and convenience, the SH model reigns supreme.


Sales figures of this model have always been on the rise since its inception. The popularity of the SH 125, in particular, is emphasized by the fact that it outsold all its rival models in Europe. All this was despite the fact that many UK riders were cautious about the model’s massive 16-inch wheels. However, the large wheels guarantee an excellent ride quality, unlike the smaller configurations that are common in scooters.

Key component improvements

Modern bikes feature a few improvements on the 2009 model. Notable additions include a disc brake system for both the front and rear tires as opposed to a drum. This adjustment eliminated any issues that were common in the defunct stopper.The improvements also significantly improved the look of the new motorcycles.

Design tweaks

Though successful, the original SH is not without its criticisms. Most people find fault in the appearance of the bike with some describing it a bizarre. However, these shortcomings have since been addressed. The new sleek look features unique lines which give new rides a symbol of class.

The transformation left out some parts such as the engine, the frame, and the transmission. All these adjustments combine to make the ride buttery smooth. Vibration is non-existent meaning the motorcycles deliver a solid performance.

Emissions and fuel consumption

When it comes to emissions, Honda assures clients that they models emit low levels carbon as is required by environmental authorities. However, the claims are hard to substantiate. Fuel consumption is at 97mpg though this figure is likely to fluctuate depending on speed and other conditions.

A previous honda sh125 review shows that 85mpg is a possibility if you push the bike to its limits while on city roads. Despite this claim, the SH is still head and shoulders above many scooters in its category. Check out Motoden outlet today and get yourself the latest motorbikes.


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