A Honda Ps125 Review

Honda has established a solid reputation for itself in both the car and the motorcycle industry, as well as its burgeoning scooter business. Thanks to Honda’s reputation here their consumers can rest assured knowing that Honda won’t release any vehicles onto the market before they’re thrilled with them. Having said this, you should know that any Honda PS125 review will mention comfort since this scooter is quite comfortable.

One of the main reasons for this comfort is the large seat that props you up in a commanding position. This is great when you’re riding through traffic. Nevertheless, it’s also easy to mount and contains plenty of storage space — enough for you to fit your helmet, gloves, and some tools underneath the seat. Its suspension is great too. Of course, you should expect a Honda product to have many fine points and this bike is no different — it’s comfortable, well built, and dependable too.

Honda PS125

The PS (standing for Perfect Scooter) comes with fuel injection and it also has a liquid-cooled 4-stroke. There’s a 125cc engine that powers up to around 65mph, but the scooter rides best at around 50mph. Nevertheless, it’s really fast off the line. Overall it’s a powerful scooter that handles well. You’ll enjoy a comp ratio of 11-1 and its maximum torque is 11.5 Nm/7,000 min-1. If you’re similar to most people, you want a scooter for commuting. As such, you’ll enjoy traveling an average of about 100 miles per tank of gas.

Honda has scored yet again. This is a sleek and attractive scooter. In fact, it looks a lot more expensive than what it actually costs. While this scooter is lighter than many of the other scooters in its class, it still handles quite well when driven in traffic. Most scooter operators are actually quite pleasantly surprised by how affordable this scooter is, especially if you’re on a budget. The linked brakes are also a welcome surprise, especially if you’re like most people who find it difficult to brake smoothly while riding a scooter. With all of these great features, anyone who’s in the market for a scooter today really should take some time to check this one out.


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