About Full Motorcycle Training London

If you’ve been thinking about taking DAS training there are a few things you should know about it first. The first fact to know is that you have to be 24 years old or above to get this totally unrestricted full motorcycle license.

If you’ve already possessed an A2 bike license for over 2 years all you have to do is upgrade your license by testing again on an unrestricted motorbike. Fortunately, after passing this full motorcycle training. You can take this test on any motorbike or scooter you want. If you pass the full motorcycle training on a manual bike you’ll be able to legally ride an automatic or full motorbike. If you take and pass it riding an automatic bike, then that license will be restricted so you can ride an automatic only.


Aside from having to meet the proper age restrictions you also need a valid driver’s license to take this full motorcycle training. If you’ve already possessed an A2 motorcycle license before then it won’t be necessary to complete the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training). However, the ‘theory’ section of the test MUST is required regardless. After passing the theory section of the test you’ll receive your motorcycle theory test certificate number. That number if what you will use to book a time and date for your DAS test (which involves passing both the 1 and 2 modules of the DAS).

Module # 1 – This module is 12 minutes long and is off-road. It is designed to test you on how well you handle and control your machine while riding at different levels of high and low speeds.

Module #2 – In this 35-minute test module, taken on the road, you abilities for driving in traffic will be tested. In order to earn a license that has NO restrictions of power, you should take your tests on a bike that has at least 5*5cc (53HP). If you aren’t familiar with handling a DAS bike, remember that when you come to a full stop you need to remain balanced or you’ll topple over. If you are a rider whose judgment is a bit unsure when braking remember to brake sooner as opposed to later. Give yourself ample time for practicing on your bike so you’ll have a good feel for how it handles prior to testing. You want to be sure to pass both modules. You can get the very best full motorcycle training London can offer you when you work with our organization. We have trained many top celebrities how they should ride their motorbikes.

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