Basic Auto Parts Often Forgotten to Check

Sometimes a busy lifestyle takes time away from checking your car, so you bring it to its monthly checkup. However, sometime in between the next check-up, there might be car parts that need immediate repair, so having the habit of checking these car parts may be beneficial to you and your car. There are vital car parts that need more attention than you think, so here are the parts you might not check as often as necessary:

Engine Light

Sometimes drivers often forget and sometimes ignore the engine light because they are preoccupied with driving or just merely busy. Although it may light up without any apparent sign of trouble, it is still advisable for you to check parts of your car that show signs of any malfunction to ensure your safety and security. However, if you cannot immediately check on your vehicle, have it checked by a professional as soon as possible.


Sometimes also locks malfunction and may not close all your car doors properly. It may be caused by a worn out motor inside your car door that controls each door’s lock. If you have problems with your car lock system, do not hesitate to contact an experienced and reliable car locksmith near you like auto locksmith Houston.


The thing that keeps you safe on the road is your engine and tires, so ensuring that air pressure in your tires is in the advised level of your car manual or manufacturer is a must. Tire blowouts are extremely dangerous for you and others when you are on the road so any deflation in pressure should be a sign it is time to take it to the car service shop. Also have your tires checked if they are unrotated or misaligned as it is hard to detect these conditions, because it may lead to damaged treadwear of your tires.


It is one of the most neglected car parts, and you might have neglected these too once or twice. Seat belts are your first assurance of safety for you and your passengers if any accidents occur. Always check your seat belt tension and alignment in all seats, because this is one way of ensuring safety during long and short trips. Also, test the belt buckles if they are still working and can secure passengers in their seats to ensure safety if any major or minor accidents.


Like seat belts, airbags are your assurance of safety if ever car accidents occur. Although they are not the most used parts of your car, making sure they are checked as advised by your car manufacturer will save you and your passengers from severe chest and head injuries that most accidents can cause. Moreover, airbags also need replacement even though they have not been used, some need to be replaced after some years, others need replacement after a year, you need to check your car manual to know when to replace these safety features.

Ensuring these parts of your car are not neglected, and instead checked them regularly as advised by your car manual or manufacturer will ensure your safety in the future.

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