Diesel Exhaust Filter Cleaning

Truck crash takes place constantly, and it can be happened even if you rely your truck too much and there are many reasons. It may be a direct result of harmed tires, fuel issues or alternator shortcomings among different causes. Truck breakdowns cause a noteworthy burden in the vehicle part. Among these are delays, the danger of mischances, burglary, and harm to transient products. If there would be an occurrence of a breakdown, you can get back out and about quick with a 24 hour truck roadside help. Alpha Fleet Service offers the best roadside repairs for trailers, hard – core trucks, business trucks and semi-trucks in Tacoma.

Here, our expert staff is seasoned in emission control devices installation, service, and maintenance. We sell DPFs and we service the units on the road.

Diesel exhaust filter cleaning  is an important part of our business. We consider ourselves expert DPF cleaners. We are reliable name in reduction of exhaust emission for your particular application keeping in view your health and environment.

DPF Repairs

After the installation of DPF, fleet operators are requisited to maintain the engine and the filter properly. To be more precise, users have to:

  • Matchto the necessities of engine manufacturers.
  • Carry outprecise DPF yearly cleanings.
  • Usefuel exactly.
  • Trackfuel use, there are no noticeable symbols of an engine failure except tracking fuel use.
  • Maneuverthe engine appropriately to convene duty cycle weight.

Exceptional Diesel exhaust filter cleaning  Services

Why does a DPF require cyclic cleaning?

  • Diesel particulate filters eliminate particulate matter (soot or dust) from the exhaust gas and ash from the motor oil.
  • The DPF’s extreme heat blazes off unsafe toxins.
  • However, ash filtrate builds up in the filter’s substrate and can only be detached with accurate clean-up.

We carry out the cleaning of the DPF in two stages:

  1. In the first stage
    • We plug in the computer and we double check why the light is on.
    • We check by the computer if the light’s on for high back pressure then it is verified that the filter is foul or dirty.
    • Back pressure is the confrontation exhaust gasses experience while departing the system.
    • We pull out the filter and we make it dirt free.
  2. Clearing out the DPF
    • First, we weigh the filter.
    • Then by putting the filter on a flow bench to validate the flow.
    • We dirt free the filter and we weigh it again.
    • That’s the way through which we know the filth and dirt we get out of there.

While cleaning of the DPF we can also examine your engine:

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