How to Win the Heart of Every Boy You Meet

Everyone knows that the true secret to happiness is being wanted by all the guys in your friend circle, or anywhere you happen to go out. Being the cute girl is the best – she gets free anything she wants, she is always happy, everyone always envies her, and life is the best for her. If you want to have that level of cuteness for yourself then you better do some things to make yourself a better you. Be the cute girl you’ve always wanted to be. Here are some great tips on being so cute that everyone wants to be you or with you at all times.

Dress for Cuteness

MTVIEW-CHEVYBeing cute is not just waking up one day and being cute. It’s a way of life and it takes a lot of effort. It takes saying things in a cute way. If you don’t have a cute little voice that everything you say is adorable, then work on that. Maybe make your voice a little higher pitch. And use cute inflection. But also, dress cute – and by that we mean you must have a really cute haircut. Ideally you’ll have cute bangs and nice hair that flows cutely down your back. You also want to wear cute skirts that show off your nice legs and hug your nice butt. If you wear really baggy clothes or long dresses, it probably won’t be that cute. You need to exude cuteness at all times because with that cuteness you will not be happy and we all want to be happy. Also cute shoes can’t hurt now can they.

Cute Accessories for All Facets of Life

MTVIEW-CHEVYYou can dress cute and have a cute demeanor, but your accessories have to be cute too. You have to have a cute iPhone cover for one. Not just some safety-first one. It’s about making your very presence cute to behold. For example, you can’t drive some stupid clunky truck or lame old car. You need something new and spiffy. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can get a new chevy, look at, there are lots of cute new cars that you could get behind. It’s not that hard to have a cute car and therefore be cute wherever you go. Look online and start imaging your new cute life:

Flirt With Boys

MTVIEW-CHEVY Also another thing you must do is flirt with the boys. But you do not want to sleep with them. Be a girl who has lots of male friends but that does not sleep with her guy friends. Try to accumulate as many dude friends as you can but always date outside the circle. That will drive them crazy for sure, but it’ll make sure to keep them around and the other guys interested. The worst thing you can do is give up the goods real easy.


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