Motorcycle Training in London

Seeing a different side of London is just one of the several benefits you’ll enjoy once you join the millions of Londoners who regularly ride a bike. Riding a motorcycle gives you that same feeling of flexibility and exhilaration that comes from riding a horse, and it means an end to all those hot, crowded and stuffy tube journeys. And the tube is not the best place to be if you value your personal space; a bike of course gives you plenty of that and you won’t have to cope with luggage carrying tourists all over the platforms and trains.

If you live and work in London, you may have a travel card for the bus and train, although like thousands of others you may not take full advantage of it. Riding a motorcycle to work puts an end to overpriced public transport and costly travel cards that aren’t used enough.

And parking a bike is obviously a lot easier than parking a car, if you currently drive to work. Many parking spaces are also available to motorcycles at no charge. Most of us are concerned about the environment these days, and you can leave a less harmful carbon footprint across the capital when you ride a bike instead of driving a car. Motorbikes are a lot friendlier to the environment and can save you money at the same time.

You may be thinking all of this sounds good except for the fact that you have never ridden a motorcycle before. With the right motorcycle training London is an easy city to navigate and becomes yours to explore.

If you are looking for a motorcycle training school with a great reputation, look no further than the London Motorcycle School, located in central London and operated by Scooterden and Motoden, two well known names.

The school takes your driving and your safety seriously, and you will learn to handle your bike safely on quiet side streets and main roads, and in a variety of weather and traffic conditions. Our goal is for you to become a skilled and confident driver and able to navigate even the busiest London streets with ease and confidence.

Pay as you go courses are offered by the London Motorcycle School and your fee includes VAT, bike hire, petrol and insurance as well as the use of gloves and a helmet.

If you would like to find out more about motorcycle training in London, contact the London Motorcycle School today.

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