Riders Find What They Need at a Motorcycle Gear Store

Anyone who rides a motorcycle needs to purchase the proper safety gear. Before climbing on a motorcycle, a rider should be wearing the proper boots, pants, gloves, helmet and jacket. A reputable motorcycle gear store can provide you with right protective gear to ensure that you stay safe while riding down the road.

Choosing a Helmet

Nothing is more important to rider safety that wearing a high quality motorcycle helmet. A helmet plays a critical role in protecting your skull if you are involved in an accident, but it does much more than that. When you wear a helmet, it will also protect your face and eyes. Studies show that cyclists who wear a helmet are more likely to survive a violent collision. A helmet can also protect against jaw and neck injuries. You can choose from three different types of crash helmets. Manufacturers offer open-face, full-face, and flip-face designs to suit any need.


Motorcycle Gloves

Riding gloves are crucial for motorcyclists for several difference reasons. For one, they protect the wrist, fingers and hands in an accident. Gloves will also keep the hands warm allowing the rider to have better control over the bike even in cold weather. Gloves also offer superior grip, which is especially important during long rides or riding in the rain.

Riding Boots

A sturdy pair of boots can protect the toes, ankles and feet against serious injury in an accident. Boots should have a thick sole and good tread to provide better grip for the rider on the foot pegs and the pavement. High quality riding boots have durable rubber soles and are made of oil-resistant material.


Leathers is a term motorcycle riders use to describe the pants and jacket they wear while riding. High quality leathers are usually made from kangaroo leather or cowhide offering protection to the body from road rash in the event the rider falls off the bike. Many manufactures include reinforced armor in strategic places to offer more protection in case of an accident. Jackets have armour sewn into the shoulder, back and elbows, while pants feature armour in the areas covering the hips and knees. Some manufactures even offer high-tech jackets that feature a built-in airbag system, which offers the highest level of protection to the rider.

Any smart motorcycle rider recognizes the importance of wearing the proper safety gear while riding, regardless of distance, weather or driving conditions. If you are looking for high quality motorcycle gear you can find everything you need by visiting http://www.londonmotorcycletraining.co.uk/.


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