The Updated Honda Sh125

The Honda SH125 is a popular scooter in Europe. And with the 2009 model undergoing a bit of tinkering and modifications, the bike is now all set to appeal to UK buyers too. If you’re looking for an extremely economical bike, you must buy the 125cc scooter with gears, instead of an auto transmission model like the SH125. That said, the SH125 is more convenient and easy to ride, which we’ll throw more light on in this Honda SH125 review.

The first SH125 got the better of almost every other motorbike that was sold in Europe during its time. That said, not many UK buyers were completely sure about the bike’s big 16-inch wheels. However, UK buyers were wrong with their apprehensions as the big wheels helped with ride quality and stability, which the scooters with smaller wheels lacked.

The other changes to the 2009 bike include a rear wheel disc brake that replaces the drum. This modification was done for aesthetics alone, since the drum brake was already doing a great job. The updates have focused on the looks of the bike too.


Despite selling well, the first SH was not a looker (the face particularly looked bad). The latest model has addressed those issues. The visage now looks a lot sleeker with its discreet curves. And the rear bodywork has sweeping, elegant lines that make the SH look a lot more modern.

The frame, engine and transmission are untouched, because the original power pick-up was smooth already. It made U-turning and traffic trickling simple. There is no vibration too and performance is quite strong.

Honda states the new SH boasts good emission figures and fuel efficiency. But one cannot be sure of this yet as the data presented is completely isolated. In other words, Honda claims fuel consumption of the bike to be around 97mpg, but there is nothing about speed or driving conditions mentioned, which makes the statistic look inconclusive.

An independent Honda SH125 online review states close to 85mpg can be expected in real-world driving scenarios that accounts full-speed riding on countryside roads and stop/start city riding. However, the thing that makes SH a lot better than the competition is the Honda reliability. Head to Motoden to learn more about the latest motorbikes and scooters.

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